The FISH Platform aim to influence a more positive safety culture, and one of the ways we do this is to have working groups to explore issues and propose solutions that can then support and influence our participants, countries and international organisations.

  • Fishing Safety Management Code (complete)
    To review, revise and agree on a version of the text for international use for a Fishing Safety Management Code. The existing International Safety Management Code and the derived U.K. MGN 596 (F) will be the base document for this work. While part A of the project is considering the Code, it will also work… Read more: Fishing Safety Management Code (complete)
  • Data Standardization Group (active)
    Introduction This project group is to consider a common reporting framework for the commercial fishing industry around the world that will allow for comparison between countries and fisheries in determining safety. The project should focus on using data that is available in all maritime countries and, where available, common additional metrics that may allow for… Read more: Data Standardization Group (active)
  • Stability Working Group (active)
    Introduction This project group aims to develop a common approach to improving the stability of commercial fishing vessels. The project is to report to the FISH Platform of ways in which members may work together in improving stability, including technical standards and training standards. The group has the ability to refine the Terms of Reference… Read more: Stability Working Group (active)